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UNITY’s co-founder (and original customer) shares the products he uses

Mat’s favourite UNITY products

If you’re a footballer you shower at least twice a day. We’ve spent years being told what to put in our body, nutrition wise, and how to train and recover, but we never thought about what we were putting on our skin.


It’s a bit crazy if you think about it because your skin is your body’s biggest organ and we absorb a great deal through it. We thought ‘why aren’t we taking as much care with what we’re putting on our skin as we are with what we put in our body?’


We did a lot of research into the ingredients we use to make sure they always perform. We wanted to make products that work as hard as we do and are kind to the environment and safe to put on your skin.

“We’ve spent years being told what to put in our body, nutrition wise, but now we’re thinking about what we put on it, too.”

UNITY products for daily use

Obviously I’m a fan of the whole range but the ones I use most often are our Hair Boost shampoo and Body Calm shower wash. The shampoo is sulphate free but still leaves my hair feeling really clean. Our body calm wash is formulated to soothe your skin so I leave the shower feeling refreshed and energised.


Its natural-origin almond seed extract is safe for your skin and it also contains sunflower oil which is a natural moisturiser, so even if I’m showering twice a day, I know it won’t dry me out.


After a shower I’ll use our Skin Defence moisturiser on my face. It’s a light formula and it absorbs easily which I like. It means my face doesn’t feel greasy after I’ve used it.


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Mathieu Flamini using Unity moisturiser

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