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Zinc is one of the most misunderstood minerals around. Whilst it’s a metal, it’s also a mineral that’s amazing for the body when ingested via the diet or used on the skin. With so many ways that the skin can benefit from zinc, it’s worth learning a little more about it…

If your skincare routine doesn’t include zinc, then it’s time to read up on the benefits to help you make the most of this mineral.

1. It Helps The Skin Heal

Zinc is famous for helping the skin heal, and when you have broken or chapped skin, zinc comes to the rescue and helps the cells repair themselves.

If you have spots and cracks in the skin, zinc is a great addition to your routine to make sure the inflammation remains under control and the cells are able to repair themselves.

It’s natural anti-inflammatory properties mean that it’s perfect for healing unhappy skin, but even if your skin isn’t spotty or broken it can be great for promoting general cell growth to give you a nice little glow.

2. Zinc Detoxifies The Skin

No matter what you do for a living, or whether you live in the city or the country, escaping pollution is nearly impossible. The skin’s open pores mean it’s constantly absorbing impurities in the atmosphere that need to be cleared out every now and again.

Zinc is the perfect mineral for the job, as it is a natural detoxifier and is able to prevent damage from free radicals. Adding a gentle detox face wash with zinc into your routine will give you a daily detox.

3. It Promotes Collagen Production

If you don’t know how amazing collagen is for the skin, then listen up. Collagen production is what gives your skin that plump, soft look and helps fight off wrinkles as we age. Collagen is responsible for providing elasticity to the skin and is an important factor in avoiding dry skin, fine lines and loose skin.

Zinc helps to activate the proteins in the body that are essential for collagen production, giving you a head start when it comes to keeping the skin youthful.

4. It Helps To Manage Oily Skin

When you have oily skin it can be a nightmare to know what to do with it. High street creams and face washes can often rub away the oils that help the skin clean itself, which causes the skin to produce even more oil.

Instead, using a face wash with zinc will regulate the skin’s oil glands and promote natural cleansing that’s not too harsh on the skin. The rejuvenation of skin cells means that zinc will also help clear up spots that have arisen due to oily patches.

Zinc is amazing at drawing out impurities in the skin and helping to restore its natural balance. Adding it to your morning routine will put you in good company – UNITY challenger & co-founder Mesut  Özil, uses the face wash containing zinc to start his day. Find out more about his morning routine here.

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