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The Formula E driver and UN environmental ambassador answers our questions on diet, mindset, exercise and the environment

What can’t you start the day without?


A coffee


Which meal do you eat most often?


Sushi I think


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I drink this much water a day ….. because……


I drink around 2 to 3 litres, because I am thirsty!


What’s your daily calorie intake on training days and then pre race?


Around 2.500 – 3.000 but I try not to count too much.


Would you consider going vegetarian/ vegan and why?


No but I do try to eat as much vegetables and fruits as possible, plus healthy fats and proteins. The problem is I fly a lot and stay in hotels. Normally the healthy options are limited. I try to adapt my lifestyle the best I can but I don’t think it needs to be so extreme. For example I arrived late at my hotel yesterday and they only had sausages

Lucas di Grassi

A healthy lifestyle with a good balance is more important than an extreme lifestyle.

Do you know your average daily phone screen time?


A lot! I’d say at least 3 – 4 hours per day. I work a lot on my phone.


How much exercise do you do a day/ a week?


I do 10 hours a week

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Does it affect your mood if you don’t do enough exercise?


Yes for sure! I feel even more tired. I try to stay healthy in general, not just during races, hence the 10 hours a week.


Tell us the one exercise you could do all day, and one you really hate


I really hate rowing in the gym, but I do it. And what I could do all day? Maybe some cycling.


Hard work and suffering or rest and relaxation?


A bit of both


Do you meditate?


Not really. My meditation is running or aerobic exercise for a long time. It recreates the same mental state that you have inside the car. Different drivers do different stuff. For me it’s long aerobic exercise, sometimes yoga. For reflexes I play squash, surfing for balance and this helps with the racing.

Lucas di Grassi

My meditation is running or aerobic exercise for a long time.”

How much sleep do you need? How much do you actually get?


I try to sleep 8 hours a night which is very important. I try to have a balanced life. I think if you go too far extreme it’s not good for your mental health. If you want to relax and have a beer sometimes it’s possible. A healthy lifestyle with a good balance is more important than an extreme lifestyle.


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What’s the one piece of advice you’d give to some who wants to improve their:



On the road just be more aware of the cars around you.




Eat less sugar.




Worry about the short-term and plan for the long-term.


The environment:


Try to use as least amount of plastic as possible.


Lastly- do you have any heroes?


No, not really. I have a few people that I admire though, like Einstein and Newton.

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