Unity’s co-founder and one of its original customers discusses his go-to products

Mesut Ozil using UNITY products

Mesut’s favourite UNITY products

My job is to train hard and perform at the highest level, so if i’m doing that, I need to shower more often than usual. Training with the team is very intense, particularly pre-season and around busy periods where we have more games than usual.


I shower two or three times a day, depending on training and what I’m doing in the evening. I use the UNITY product range because it doesn’t contain harsh ingredients. If I’m showering that often I want something good for my skin. It’s also important that UNITY’s ingredients are natural origin, so we’re not harming the environment, either.


Mat and I wanted the Body Boost Shower Wash to be energising and uplifting, so we included lime extract to keep it fresh. I use it in the morning to kick-start the day, after a run around with Pablito, my dog.


Afterwards I’ll always make sure my skin stays hydrated, especially when I’m training outside in the wind and rain. Our face wash and skin defence moisturiser mean I can stay clean and my skin stays in good condition.


Finally, I’ll fix my hair with our  Hair Style Styling Gel.

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