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What I've learned since launching my sustainability company...
I want to push the limits of my game and build a community so everyone can be part of the winning team. I first became a challenger-entrepreneur in 2008 when I was playing for AC Milan football club. I was 24 and wanted to challenge the system so co-founded a bio-chemical company producing bio-based detergents and solvents. Over the last 10 years, I have learnt so much about the impact of harmful chemicals on the environment and have become completely committed to becoming an activist - there really is no planet B. I’m very proud to have collaborated with four Italian universities to create the first masters in Bio-economics in Europe.
My mother is Corsican and even though I was brought up in Marseille we spent all summer and winter holidays in a Corsican village whose population was 80 in the winter and 1500 in the summer – it really gives you a unique insight into the delicate nature of the ecological balance. I’ve been vegan for the last seven years and always spent all my spare time watching Jacques Cousteau-style oceanic documentaries so sustainability has always been in my heart.
Last year I was invited to become a Young Global Leader at the World Economic Forum and started to meet so many campaigners that have dedicated their lives to social change. I’ve realised over the years that being brought up beside the sea has shaped who I am and given me a heightened awareness about the environment. When I first started playing professionally with the Marseille team I was also studying Law at Marseille University but instead of completing my degree I moved to Arsenal. I’ve never stopped being a change agent, so I feel very lucky to be able to have got to a point in my career where I can do both.

When Mesut arrived at Arsenal in 2013, I had just re-signed for a second stint at the club. I first joined Arsenal in 2004 and since we’d both come from mainland Europe when we were still quite young we shared similar experiences. We became close since we always had other topics of conversation outside football – mostly to do with creating something together to make a positive impact globally. Life isn’t always easy when you are continually pushing hard to be better and fitter.
"Everyone can play a part in changing the world and the joy that you experience when you win a game can be recreated with a passion project and experienced by everyone."
Mathieu Flamini
On the pitch, we were such incredible partners – he’s a passionate, creative genius and I’m always at the engine playing at the heart of every team, watching everyone’s back. I’m relentless and always driving forward and off the pitch we believe we can grow further together and use our platform and reach to make a change.

What I’ve learnt from founding my first business is that everyone can play a part in driving the change and the teamwork and joy that you experience when you win a game can be recreated with a passion project and experienced by everyone. I want to continue to push the limits of my game – who I am and who I want to be and channel my relentless drive and never give up.

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