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Natural origin ingredients are derived from natural ingredients by permitted chemical reaction processes. We always tell you exactly what's in our products, you'll find it on the back of our products and in the Ingredients section on the product pages on this site!

Never. All our products are cruelty free. Testing on animals is also banned in the EU.

All our products are vegan with the very slight exception of our hair styling gel which has quite a quirky story…

Hair Style is a styling product that acts like hair spray, which makes your hair stay in place throughout the day. Styling gel is made of mostly styling polymers, which are usually based on vinyl monomers such as PVP (Polyvinyl Pyrolidone) or VP (Vinyl Pyrolidone), these are often called ‘Carbomer’ (Thickener).

The hair styling gel contains shellac which acts as a natural thickener.

Shellac is a resin secreted by the female lac bug, on trees in the forests of India and Thailand. The bug walks along the bark as it goes about its daily business, it secrets Shellac. This dries over time and is scraped as dry flakes which can be used in cosmetic products to give them a natural sticky texture, ideal for hair gel.

No UNITY products contain microbeads. And they never will.

All our ingredients are sustainably sourced and fairtrade using high-quality organic ingredients wherever possible.

Yes! We don’t use synthetic fragrances, which are made using chemicals. We have unique natural fragrance blends made from natural origin ingredients only. As an added bonus, they are less likely to cause a skin reaction than their chemical counterparts too.

Sugarcane – sweet, right? We think there is too much virgin plastic in the world and we are on a mission to reduce our use of it within our company. That’s why we sought out a bioplastic alternative for our packaging structures .Sugarcane reduces carbon emissions and your carbon footprint.

On that note, it’s always a good idea to check best practice with your local recycling service provider, so you can pick up handy tips like whether it’s best to leave the caps on or separate them from the bottle. With pumps, you can help the recycling plant by separating out the pump and put the plastic parts without the metal spring and ball into the recycling bin. And for any cardboard or paper packaging – please do recycle it!

Being the most sustainable that we can is very important to our founders. As well as bioplastic packaging, customer deliveries arrive in 100% recycled craft boxes with bio-degradable and non-toxic starch chips as packing fill (in fact, they are edible in case you’re feeling peckish). We don’t use secondary packaging for our products and we don’t add paper receipts to your order. Where we do have to add any information, we always do so using 100% recycled paper. Small steps, but important ones. We will keep seeking out sustainable innovations and solutions.

SLS (Sodium Lauryl Sulfate) and SLES (Sodium Laureth ether Sulfate) are harsh sulfates used as foaming and cleansing agents. We don’t use them as they can irritate and dry out the skin – and there are marvellous natural alternatives.

Absolutely not. Parabens have been an ingredient in many cosmetic products since the 1950s, used to prevent the growth of bacteria they are a cheap and effective preservative ingredient. Recent studies have linked parabens to breast cancer. Thankfully there are many natural alternatives available.

No. Mineral oil is a very common ingredient in personal care products. Mineral oil is derived from petroleum and may be contaminated with cancer-causing polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs). Mineral oil aggravates acne and negatively affects functions of the skin function, linking it to premature aging.

The symbols on our packaging are there to make it easier for our bottles, pots and tubes to be recycled once you’re done with them. Here’s the breakdown:

The Green Dot – This signifies that we’re making a financial contribution towards the recovery and recycling of plastic packaging in Europe.

Plastic ID Codes – This 'chasing arrows' symbol identifies the type of plastic resin used to make the package. The number inside and the letters underneath let recycling plants know what the packaging is made of, so they recycle it in the right way.

Period After Opening – The number inside this symbol tells you how long (generally in months) the product will keep after it has been unsealed.

Derma Approved: means that the product was reviewed by a dermatologist a qualified skin doctor.

Vegan: Our products that are free of animal derivatives – including natural ingredients such as honey, beeswax, lanolin and milk-derived lactic acid.


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You can select any of our Unity products on a rolling subscription basis, choosing to receive them every 4 weeks. The more frequently you order, the more you save.

It’s the Convenient and Environmentally friendly option as you can bundle your products together rather than buying on the go, plus you will receive 15% off the price of your product with our monthly subscription option.

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