The Wingsuiter: Jokke Sommer

Jokke Sommer is a professional skydiver and BASE jumper. A man used to living life on the edge, he explains how that affects his [...]

Natural deodorant for men:
should you switch?

Why use natural deodorant? If you’re planning on switching to a natural deodorant for men, let’s start with some basic science. Deodorant is designed [...]

Quick-Fire Questions:
Paralympian Gaz Choudhry

Gaz Choudhry, the British Wheelchair Basketball player, vegan and Buddhist gives us 60 seconds of wisdom on mindset, meditation and motivation I can’t start [...]

The benefits of vegan skincare

If you’ve switched to a vegan diet for ethical reasons, you'll want to use vegan skincare products, too. But, what are the benefits of [...]

Anders Hofman: Project Iceman

Anders Hofman is training to be the first man to complete an Ironman distance triathlon…in Antarctica

How to help your natural moisturiser
keep your skin hydrated

Benefits of natural moisturiser Moisturising your skin using a natural moisturiser is like paying into a pension: you won’t really realise how important it [...]

Ten World Class Vegan Athletes
Who Excel in Different Disciplines

World beating athletes who all swear by a plant-based diet

Quick fire questions:
Formula E driver Lucas di Grassi

The Formula E driver and UN environmental ambassador answers our questions on diet, mindset, exercise and the environment

Mathieu Flamini on
how to stay healthy for life

Unity’s co-founder explains why he trains and how to stay healthy for life

5 of the best men’s hair styles
using UNITY hair styling gel

Five fail-safe hair styles you can achieve with UNITY styling gel


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