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Hair style #1 French Crop

Just about the easiest mens hair style to maintain, short of just shaving your head, the French Crop leaves your hair short at the sides and crown, with just a little bit of extra length at the front. It’s best worn pushed forward, down onto your forehead so that you don’t end up with a spiky, sub-Inbetweeners lid.


To style it, wash your hair and towel dry it and apply a pound-coin sized amount of UNITY’s eco styling gel to your hands. Rub it between your palms and then apply it to your hair, pulling your hands down your head towards your face for a neat finish.

Hair style #2 Side parting

A classic hair style that has been keeping men look smart and well turned out since before your grandfather was a lad, its strength is its versatility. Smart enough for work but not boring either, you can ask for a parting to be cut in at the hair dressers or just do it yourself with a comb.


Styling it requires blowdrying your hair with a comb, sectioning the hair on one side and styling it across your head to reveal a parting. Once it’s dry, rub a pea sized amount of UNITY’s sustainable hair styling gel (or more if you want a slick look) between your hands, and smooth it over the hair. For a stronger hold you could add the gel while your hair is damp and then dry it into place.

Mesut Ozil Unity hair styling gel

Hair style #3 The Quiff

The trickiest of all the styles on this list, the quiff requires gravity defying hair styling to keep it up and in place, but it’s not impossible. Your hair will have to be long enough on top to be swept up and over, Elvis style.


Towel dry your hair and then blow dry it forward, in the opposite direction to where your quiff will end up. Next, using a brush, curl the hair back on itself and blow dry it again. When you’re done use UNITY’s hair styling gel to hold it in place, and maybe look for some hair spray to keep it in check.

Hair style #4 The slick back

This hair style works on most hair types and, as long as it’s not just been shaved, most lengths, too. It’s really as simple as rubbing gel between your hands and running it from front to back through your hair, smoothing it down as you go. If you do it with damp hair, you’ll get a more slick finish. For more volume, apply the gel to your hair once it’s dry.


Use the extra time in the morning to…make lunch to take to work (or hit the snooze button once more)

Hair style #5 The Surfer

For those with long hair and a short attention span, using UNITY’s styling gel to style your hair is really simple. Once you’ve washed it —using UNITY’s natural shampoo, obviously — towel dry it and apply a moderate amount of our gel to the mid and ends of your hair. As it dries, the gel will create ‘texture’, that will stop your locks looking more like a mop.


Avoid the temptation to use the gel at the roots of your hair. It will make it look greasy.

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